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How Safe Are Epoxy Floors?

close up of garage epoxy Epoxy floors are known for their beauty, durability, and sleek finish, and they’re becoming a favorite choice for homes and businesses. As more people choose epoxy, it’s natural to wonder about its safety and the standards it meets, particularly during installation and over long-term use. At Swayd Epoxy Floors, we’re dedicated to not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your spaces but also ensuring that our floors meet the highest safety standards. We aim to shed light on these safety concerns, discussing everything from the installation process to long-term use.

What Are Epoxy Floors Made Of?

Epoxy floors are made from combining two key ingredients: epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. When mixed, they start a curing process, forming a durable and sleek surface.

  • Epoxy Resin: Provides the floor’s glossy finish and superior resistance to wear, making it ideal for busy environments.
  • Polyamine Hardener: Acts as the catalyst for curing, hardening the mix into a solid, enduring surface that can handle everyday use.

This process results in a seamless, tough floor but results in the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). At Swayd Epoxy Floors, we utilize advanced, low VOC formulations. Our products significantly reduce these emissions, ensuring a safer environment without compromising quality.

What Are the Risks of VOCs?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a key concern in epoxy flooring safety, emitted during mixing and curing. While VOCs are common in various construction materials and can influence indoor air quality, the key is effective management and product selection.

  • What Are VOCs? Emitted during installation, VOCs stem from solvents used in many epoxy formulations. Our advanced low VOC products significantly reduce these emissions, ensuring a safer installation process.
  • Impact During Installation: While high VOC levels can pose health risks, such as irritation or respiratory discomfort, proper ventilation and the use of protective equipment can effectively mitigate these risks.
  • Long-Term Impact: Once cured, epoxy floors emit fewer VOCs, considerably reducing health concerns. The fully cured floors are safe, durable, and maintain excellent indoor air quality.

By choosing our low VOC epoxy floors, you ensure safer installations and long-term peace of mind. We are committed to providing not only robust and beautiful floors but also installations that uphold the highest standards of health and environmental care.

Long-term Safety and Emissions

While discussions about epoxy floors often begin with concerns about VOC emissions during installation, it’s equally important to recognize their long-term benefits for both homes and businesses.

  • Post-Curing Emissions: After they are fully cured, our epoxy floors greatly reduce VOC emissions.
  • Overall Long-term Safety: Our fully cured epoxy floors offer durability and resistance to spills and impacts, and they help keep indoor spaces cleaner by preventing bacterial growth.
  • Sensitive Populations: While our floors are generally safe for everyone, we understand that individuals with chemical sensitivities may have concerns. Our low-VOC products are specially designed to minimize discomfort for these sensitive individuals.

Choosing our low-VOC epoxy floors means opting for a reliable and safe solution after they are fully cured. By selecting our products and adhering to professional installation standards, property owners can enjoy the advantages of their flooring without compromising on safety.

  • Safety Standards: We adhere to strict global regulations, including those set by the EPA, and our products are certified by LEED and GREENGUARD to ensure they meet the highest health and environmental standards.
  • Professional Installation: Opting for professional installation instead of DIY ensures that safety protocols are carefully followed, further reducing any risks associated with VOC emissions. Our trained professionals use low-VOC products and follow the latest safety practices to ensure your installation is both safe and effective.
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By choosing professional installation with Swayd Epoxy Floors, you prioritize health and safety while enjoying a stunning, durable floor for years to come. Contact us.