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Epoxy Flake for Commercial Trailer in Medford, NJ

Enhancing Commercial Trailers with Epoxy Flake Flooring

before and after trailor epoxy Commercial trailers frequently go beyond mere transport, they are a mobile representation of the businesses they serve. In this recent project we acknowledged the need for both functionality and presentation and transformed a basic wooden-floored trailer into a durable and vibrant space with the application of our epoxy flake flooring.

The wooden trailer flooring presented unique challenges from the usual concrete material we work with. Wooden flooring has a natural flexibility and susceptibility to moisture which demands a precise approach to ensure our product’s longevity and adhesion. Here’s how Swayd Epoxy Floors tackled this project.

Tailored Approach for a Robust Solution

Before working on the trailer, we assessed the trailer’s dimensions and focused on addressing the wood’s characteristics to ensure our product would bond firmly and last.

Day 1: Customized Process

The wooden surface required a customized approach. We had to ensure every particle that could undermine the epoxy’s adhesion was removed, so our team meticulously cleaned the wooden surfaces. Since wood doesn’t require the same profiling as concrete, we had to pivot our process. We applied a primer specifically formulated for wood – creating an optimal base for the epoxy to bond.

Next we added the base coat of epoxy followed by broadcasting the decorative flakes. The flakes serve more than an aesthetic purpose, they also add an extra layer of durability to the flooring.

Day 2: Sealing in Excellence

After letting the epoxy cure, it was time for the finishing touches. We applied a clear polyaspartic topcoat, providing not just a lustrous finish, but also an armor against the elements and rigors of the road. This sealer is the protective element of the flooring, which will ensure the vibrancy and integrity of the flake flooring for the years to come.

Durable, Distinctive, and Dynamic

The seemingly basic trailer is now a model of professionalism and practicality. This commercial trailer is now ready to meet the demands of commercial use while maintaining a polished appearance. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the trailer, the epoxy flake flooring added a significant layer of strength and durability.

Your Partner in Epoxy Flooring Excellence

Epoxy flake flooring isn’t just for garages and showrooms. As we’ve demonstrated in this project, it’s a versatile solution that brings aesthetics with durability to mobile businesses as well. If you’re looking to improve your commercial mobile space, or any space that demands presentation and practicality that will last, reach out to us.