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Epoxy Flake for A Garage in Philadelphia

Garage Transformation with Stunning Epoxy Flake Flooring

Although Philadelphia is known for its exciting city life and rich history, a home’s appeal often begins right in the garage. This was the exact scenario for a homeowner in Philadelphia who decided to use epoxy flake flooring to enhance their one-car garage from an ordinary space to a stunning, functional place with the help of epoxy flake flooring.

Epoxy flake flooring before and after in Philadelphia garage

Our Approach to Garage Transformation

The Swayd process always begins with careful planning. We started with a thorough project analysis which was crucial in ensuring the project’s precision and quality. We measured the dimensions of the garage to determine the exact amount of materials required. Then, we evaluated the concrete’s surface hardness using Mohs measuring devices. This step is critical as different concrete hardness levels require varying diamond grinds in order to provide the best possible surface preparation.

We also looked at the moisture levels in the concrete substrate. This is an essential step especially in areas like Philadelphia, as humidity can significantly vary. We measured surface temperatures to comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines and identified issues that needed to be addressed such as cracks or divots.

Day 1: Laying the Foundation

Laying the groundwork was our main focus on the first day. We meticulously cleaned the concrete floor of the garage to make sure that there were no contaminants or impurities that would interfere with the epoxy adhesion. Then, surface imperfections that were previously identified were repaired. After that, our team mechanically profiled the concrete surface using a diamond grinder – a necessary step in ensuring the epoxy’s adherence.

In certain areas, we applied a moisture vapor barrierdue to high moisture levels. This is an important step to enhance adhesion and prevent future issues such as epoxy floor bubbling.

Applying the Epoxy Base Coat

After the surface was prepped, we mixed and applied the epoxy resin and hardener. The base coat serves as the epoxy flooring’s primary layer wherein decorative flakes will be added.

Bringing Aesthetic to Function

This is the step where customization comes into play, with the homeowner choosing the density and color of the flakes to match their style preferences. After that, we broadcasted the chosen decorative flakes across the surface while the epoxy base layer was still wet.

Day 2: The Finishing Touches

After allowing the epoxy to cure overnight, we started the second day by scraping off any loose flakes to ensure a flat surface. The final step in the process was the application of a clear polyaspartic sealer. This topcoat is essential not only for its protective qualities, durability, and UV protection, but also for encapsulating the flakes, and providing a smooth, polished appearance.

A Garage Transformed

Once cured, the garage floor was ready for use, but more importantly, it was transformed from a bland, utilitarian space into an attractive, durable surface that uplifts the whole garage experience. The homeowner in Philadelphia now enjoys a garage floor that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers increased resistance to wear and tear, and is easy to maintain.

Once cured, the garage floor was ready for use, but more importantly, it had become a beautiful, long-lasting surface that enhanced the entire garage space.

Your Garage Deserves a Makeover Too

If you’re in Philadelphia, or surrounding, areas and your garage could use a makeover, consider epoxy flake flooring. Not only does it elevate the look of your space, but it also adds value to your home.

Contact the Swayd Epoxy team today to discuss how we can transform your garage or other areas of your home with this stunning, durable flooring option. We’re excited to bring this level of transformation to your space!