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Metallic Epoxy Basement Floor in Glenmoore

Glenmoore Basement Transformed with Metallic Epoxy

Before and After Metallic Epoxy Floors

Basements get a bad rap, but these often large rooms under your house can really be transformed into amazing and awe-inspiring spaces. The Swayd Epoxy team had the opportunity to create a unique design with metallic epoxy flooring for this homeowner in Glenmoore – and the results? Well, see for yourself.

From Basic to Bold

As always, our team begins each project with an initial consult and design meeting to learn exactly what aesthetic our client hoping to achieve. For this homeowner, he wanted something that would not only be unique but would add to the other plans he had for his space. The end goal was a metallic epoxy floor that would serve as an accent in this otherwise cookie-cutter basement.

Details of the Project

After performing the necessary moisture-level testing on the concrete in this basement, we were able to move forward with this project. To begin, we had to ensure that the concrete did not have any major cracks or damage that would cause the epoxy to pool or prevent it from adhering. To do this, we examine the concrete and then sand – or rough up – the floor using a coarse diamond tool. This has to be done before applying a primer.

Our team spent time repairing cracks in the foundation and divots before moving to the next step. Repair is very important when it comes to epoxy, as any damage can cause it to bubble or not adhere. After we cleaned up the debris from the grinding, we were able to prime the area rather quickly before moving on to the main event – the metallic epoxy!

We first laid 2 layers of white MVB (moisture vapor barrier). We work closely with our clients to find the exact pigment desired for metallic epoxy flooring – this client wanted a beautiful blue and white marbling, and the result was a show-stopper. To obtain this color, we mixed  75% blue, 20% white & 5% silver. Before application, we mix the metallic pigment combinations with epoxy resin and hardener and apply them with various tools for even spread.

After curing, we went back to the basement to check on the results and repair any bubbling that happens naturally after the curing process. To do this, we used a floor scraper to make sure the epoxy was level and smooth.

We wanted a high shine for this project, so we used a polyurethane, satin top coat to add durability and a glossy finish.

Metallic Epoxy Application

This type of epoxy is one of our favorites. Due to its natural ability to marble – we never know just how beautiful it can turn out until the final curing period. Check out the transformation.

Swayd Epoxy Can Transform Your Space

Whether it’s a basement, a patio, or a garage – Swayd Epoxy can transform your dull, lackluster, or heavily trafficked concrete flooring into a beautiful space that begs to be seen. Get in touch with us for an initial project consult and let’s see what kind of magic we can create together.