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Polished Concrete in a Poconos Warehouse

Transforming a Warehouse Floor

workshop flooring before polished concrete This mountain house in the Poconos had an empty space that the homeowner wanted to transform into a warehouse for storing tools and equipment. The existing flooring had a lot of wear and tear, oil spots and grime.

Project Analysis & Estimate

We went out to the warehouse to measure the space and determine the hardness level of the surface area. We also determined the moisture level of the concrete substrate in several areas and measured the surface temperature to ensure readings were within the manufacturer’s guidelines. Lastly, we looked for repair needs, like cracks, divots, or any other areas that may need to be fixed up.

Surface Prep, Grinding & Polishing

The first step was to prepare the surface — we cleaned the concrete to remove dirt, grease, and any contaminants. We also repaired some cracks and imperfections.

Then it was time to grind! We used coarse diamond tooling to begin the grinding process. This removes the existing coating and rough spots on the concrete. We then switched to a finer grit diamond grinding tooling and continued grinding the surface, gradually working our way up to higher grits to achieve a smoother finish – this step removes the fine imperfections and creates a more uniform appearance.

Once the grinding was complete, we transitioned to resin-bonded diamond polishing pads and continued polishing the concrete surface. We started with lower grits and progressed to higher grits for increased shine. This polishing process gradually refines the concrete’s surface, bringing out its natural luster. We then applied a concrete densifier, which helps harden the surface and enhances its resistance to staining and wear.

The Finished Product

We wrapped up polishing after a few passes and then applied a concrete sealer to protect the polished surface from stains and to enhance its appearance. We then buffed the sealed surface using a high-speed burnisher with a polishing pad. This step enhances the shine even further.

Update Your Flooring With Polished Concrete

Are you interested in enhancing a warehouse, garage or other space in your home? Polished concrete is a great option for helping the natural look of concrete shine, while also adding an extra protective layer to keep your floor looking great for years to come. Try out our visualization tools to see what options work for your space.