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Flake Epoxy Flooring for Lakewood Pharmaceutical Company

before after epoxy at pharma Pharmaceutical Company Upgrades to New Training Room

Boiler rooms are really only good for one thing – storing the boiler and piping. But, sometimes these boiler rooms are larger than necessary and take up useful space. For a pharmaceutical company in Lakewood, New Jersey, the boiler room was no longer needed so it provided a great opportunity to upgrade the space and turn it into a valuable training room.

Repairing the Damage

The first step for all of our clients is to repair the current concrete before prepping for the epoxy. As you can imagine, a boiler room (especially a dated one like this one) can have a lot of floor damage. This is due to the high levels of moisture and heat that boilers put out. Some boilers have periods of leaks, which can add to the damage of the flooring. This concrete, even though it had been painted at one time in the past, had a lot of wear and tear. Our team jumped in to grind down the damaged areas so the floor was level and ready for the next step.

Prepping and Application of Epoxy Flake Floor

Once the concrete had been ground down and the surface was even, it was time to prep the floor for the epoxy flake flooring! Our process is usually very similar in every job, but no design or floor is the same – so we take special care in noticing unique details, such as floor divots near drain areas or areas of high moisture. Because this room had been a boiler room, we knew there had been a lot of moisture in the past, so we applied a moisture barrier primer before applying the epoxy base coat.

We never want the floor to be completely smooth before we apply the epoxy, but we do make sure the base coat is distributed evenly throughout the area. To do this, we used a squeegee and a roller. While it was still wet, we broadcasted the first layer of epoxy flakes. This client wanted the floor to look denser, so we ended up doing a few broadcasts to ensure a dense, multi-dimensional look and feel of the flake epoxy. Once dry, we added a top coat to really make this room shine. Take a look!

A New Feel for a New Space

We love transforming old, unusable spaces into new, beautiful rooms for clients. Now, this pharmaceutical company has a new area that will be durable for many decades into the future. The final result speaks for itself.

One of the major ways of redoing a room, garage, concrete floor, or warehouse is by upgrading the flooring. For concrete floors, there is no better way to do this than by using epoxy. Whether you want a dense, flake look or a shiny, modern metallic aesthetic like this client, there are so many ways to redesign and repurpose. Contact us today if you’re thinking about refinishing damaged or worn concrete.